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Why every writer needs to write in fewer words. If you struggle to stay concise, this post reveals the easiest way to keep you words down and your message compelling #compelling #writeless #concise
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Concise writing

How to write in fewer words

How often have you heard the saying ‘less is more’?

Well, it applies to writing, too. The fewer words you write, the more impact you can make. Your writing is punchy, to the point and enticing for your readers.

How to write in fewer words – discover the easiest way to reduce wordiness and write efficiently without omitting vital information #writeless #concise #writewell

This doesn’t mean your communication needs to be short or abrupt – concise writing allows you to include everything you want to say. And it’s more powerful. It’s easier to read and it’s often more engaging. And you don’t waste your time – or your readers’ – getting to the point.

So how do you include all of your vital information and write concise, catchy content?

Make wordy phrases a thing of the past!
Click here for the comprehensive cheat sheet

Use just one word

There are many ways to combat wordiness, but one technique that will give you immediate results is to replace wordy phrases with just one or two words. With this list by your computer, wordiness will be a problem of the past.

Replace… With…
a large proportion of many
at this moment/point in time now
concerning the matter of about; regarding
despite the fact that although
don’t hesitate to call please call
in close proximity to near; close to
on a daily basis daily; every day
she is of the opinion she thinks; she believes
There are some some

Click to download the entire cheat sheet

This has to be one of THE easiest ways to keep your words down and your message compelling. And once you master it, you’ll never write an unnecessary word again.

Which wordy phrases do you use? Let us know, below.

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