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New and improved business writing courses

  • Write concisely – with confidence
  • Write for business with ease
  • Edit and proofread to perfection

Do you write for work or university? Do you need to keep your readers engaged? Perhaps your writing needs more oomph.

You, too, can write effective business communication that gets noticed.

If you write for business, or simply need to produce your best written communication, my business writing courses can help you get started – and write to the end with confidence. My new and improved business writing courses will be launching soon.

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“This course is well-planned and well-presented. The instructor teaches from a foundation of experience in writing business messages – marketing, internal communication and other standard business fare. This makes for a decidedly “business-friendly” class rather than one packed with complex rules about grammar and structure.”

“Interesting course and easy to follow. I’m already cutting down on wordiness and achieving better results. Good examples and cheat sheets.”

“Course has been extremely helpful with my university assignments.”