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Confusing words choices Formally v formerly Word conundrums – especially ones that sound or […]

10 confusing ‘word choices’ Facing a word conundrum? Not for long. Rules are […]

Pack some punch What’s your style? Whether or not you use contractions in […]

Confusing word choices Who’s v whose Rules are made to be broken. I […]

  Confusing word choices Their v there v they’re They all sound the […]

Writing tip Apostrophes You see them in ads, on signs, in professional biographies, […]

  Confusing word choices Complimentary v Complementary Spell check won’t pick up a […]

Euphemism means to ‘sound good’, and is a roundabout way of saying something. […]

Confusing words Commonly confused, principal and principle need close examination during editing. Principle A […]

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Clichés are overused expressions or phrases. They’re catchy and can be useful for […]