Make your voice heard
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A successful brand has many components, from those well-known visual elements, such as logo and colour scheme, to language, messaging, consistency and grammar. Even typography.

Each time you ‘touch’ a client you communicate your brand:

  • The way you answer the telephone
  • Customer service
  • The quality of letters and promotions
  • Your web and newsletter content

A strong brand will nurture and sustain your relationship with clients. Your brand:

  • Builds awareness
  • Reflects who you are – as an individual and, more importantly, as a business

Strengthening your brand doesn’t have to mean a complete redesign of your corporate identity – although this aspect is certainly important. Written communication is also part of your brand, so you need to ensure you have the right words to complement those amazing designs.


Who are you targeting – who are your ideal clients? Is your product technical? Will your readers understand your terminology?

Ask yourself whether your readers expect a formal, informal or persuasive edge to your material. Do you respect their knowledge or is your writing style ‘just a little’ patronising? Use language and tone to suit your target audience.


Your clients should be exposed to consistent messages and get the same feeling of confidence through every channel of communication. The same messages should come through each medium, whether it is a fax, letter, website – even a photograph!

If you have a mission statement or key messages, incorporate them into your material each time you write. You don’t need to use exactly the same words, but the message – the brand – should be consistent.

Reflection on you

Potential clients will judge you on your writing. When you’ve worked hard to develop your business, careless errors can all too easily undermine your message – and your credibility.

Focus on the detail and you’ll make a good impression. Ask yourself whether your writing makes sense. Have you used the right wording? And, importantly, is it grammatically correct? And when you’re happy with your content, make sure you proofread your work for surface errors such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. Be systematic in your proofreading approach; it could take several reads – but it’s worth it!


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