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Annual report content
ACU’s annual report is out now. We were commissioned to project-manage the 120-page publication, which required editing contributor content, researching and writing sections, ... Read more »
  Confusing word choices Personal v personnel Personal: Adjective. Private or individual. The woman’s personal belongings were among the items stolen from the office. Personnel: Noun (pronunciation: emphasis ... Read more »
Do you write for work or university? Do you need to keep your readers engaged? Perhaps your writing needs more oomph. You, too, can write effective business communication ... Read more »
Insight magazine
The latest edition of ACU’s Insight magazine features thought-provoking research and inspiring stories. Final editing by Writewords.
  Confusing word choices Lead v lead v led Differentiating between these words is difficult – which is why they are so commonly misused. It may be easier ... Read more »
Employment website
Around 50 pages of content needed to be written for UOW’s revamped Employment website. It needed to reflect UOW’s modern and dynamic work environment while ... Read more »
Do you dread writing emails, sales letters or website updates? Perhaps you have trouble conveying your ideas. Or your writing may need more oomph. Writewell's new ... Read more »
Do several people within your organisation write proposals? Or is one person tasked with updating the web content and blog articles, and another with writing ... Read more »
Confused? It’s not surprising. They sound the same – and they’re practically spelled the same! Practice: A noun. You can attend practice, have a practice or ... Read more »
Case study3 copy
This sales brochure excerpt demonstrates the difference removing a few unnecessary words can make. Cutting out surplus words needn’t change the meaning or the feel of ... Read more »