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Concise writing How to write in fewer words How often have you heard the saying ‘less is more’? Well, it applies to writing, too. The fewer words ... Read more »
Euphemism means to 'sound good', and is a roundabout way of saying something. It is a neutral or indirect word or expression that replaces one that ... Read more »
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Cheat sheet
Clichés are overused expressions or phrases. They’re catchy and can be useful for descriptive purposes, but they can also be corny and annoying. Clichés are statements ... Read more »
Annual report content
ACU’s annual report is out now. We were commissioned to project-manage the 120-page publication, which required editing contributor content, researching and writing sections, ... Read more »
  Confusing word choices Personal v personnel Personal: Adjective. Private or individual. The woman’s personal belongings were among the items stolen from the office. Personnel: Noun (pronunciation: emphasis ... Read more »
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Insight magazine
The latest edition of ACU’s Insight magazine features thought-provoking research and inspiring stories. Final editing by Writewords.
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